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Game & Fish Bighorn Sheep Cruise

Adult Ages 13 and over
Child Ages 5-12
Small Child Ages 1 to 4

A 3 hour lake cruise to view bighorn sheep at Canyon and with Arizona Game and Fish Biologists and members of Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society.

Reservations are required as boat capacity is limited.

This special event includes two parts:

The first evening is a classroom session where participants can learn about bighorn sheep in their natural history, management and historical significance. To participate, please call 480-981-9400.

The second morning is aboard the dolly Steamboat where the group will tour Canyon Lake to view wild bighorn sheep.

“June and July are the times of year when bighorns stay pretty close to the water,” said John Dickinson, former wildlife manager in the Canyon Lake District. “The mating season is underway and the hotter it is, the better opportunity to see the sheep along the waters edge.”